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Apple iMac Repair

Apple products are some of the most well engineered computer systems on the market; however they can break down over time. If you’re having problems with the iMac operating system, we can run diagnostic testing and repair the issue. Did the LCD screen on your iMac get cracked or shattered? We can fix it for you. Need assistance with upgrading the operating system? We can do that for you too. Our skilled Apple repair technicians can handle all of your Apple product service needs.

We sell OEM and generic iMac parts and accessories like replacement keyboard combos. We are your local home town Apple repair experts.

Green Lines? No Video? Won't boot?
You may have a Dead Logic Board !

Don’t pay $600 to $1,000 for a new logic board!
Try our simple fix for under $200!

Do you see green and grey lines when you try to boot your 2010, 2011 or 2012 Macbook Pro?
Has it stopped booting at the Apple logo? 
Does it power on but just has a black screen?

We can repair bad logic boards and get you back up and running. We remove the logic board which includes the Video Chip, remove old Spheres and solder in leaded Spheres. Once we put the logic board back into the unit, we test it to make sure it boots up properly. after the test, we will clean and dust any open spaces, and make sure that the fans run. We will add thermal paste on the CPU and GPU to improve and prolong the life of the chip. If we cannot boot up the unit, we will call you to discuss alternate options, such as replacing the GPU completely or other issues we may have encountered. In 99% of the cases, the unit will run fine and there will be no more problems.

Apple Mac OS - Favorite Mac OS Sierra Features

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